Installation, starting and service of the heater can make only company used for service of gas products . The heater is used for installation in the base environmetn. The koaxial chimney is used for walls till 60cm. By the installation must the chimney be in a horizontal position with max.2% fall in the direction from the heater.


The gas will be connected with the pipe of 1/2". In fromt of the heater must be a closing valve For the first operation the service company must make a proof ot thighness of gas pipes, set the pressure on the burner, proof the functions of the heater and regulation, inform the costumer with the operation and notize this in the book.



Each heater is adjusted on the fuel, which is marked on the production card, carton cover and in the operating book. Rebuilding of the gas heaters from one gas to another gas will perform through change of the jet of the main burner, jet of the pilot burner, screw of minimal output. And changing of the pressure.