Buffer tanks PSM                    Buffer tanks PSR                     Buffer tanks PSRR

                                                  with 1 heat coil                        with 2 heat coils


Buffer tanks are made of high quality steel and are designed primarily to biomass boilers. They are used for storing surplus heat generated by burning biomass, which is not possible at the moment used for heating of the radiators, respectively. another heating system. That accumulated energy can then be used later and distributed to the heating system for example, when you have burned out the fuel in the biomass boiler. According to the size of the buffers you can so extend your burning time for one load. Finally, the use of the buffers reduces fuel consumption, extends the life of the boiler and the boiler can be operated even in transitional periods at the operating temperature of the boiler.



Advantages :


  • higher comfort 
  • lower fuel consumption - boiler works in a optimal operation mode with higher efficiency
  • longer life of the boiler and chimney
  • when operating the boiler at rated power than less formation of tar and acids
  • with the possibilty of using radiators and floor heating


The accumulation tanks are supplied with insulation of 100 mm PU foam that is cut tailored to individual accumulation tanks and with imitation leather casing with a zipper. In each insulation have been cut openings for individual outlets from the buffer tanks. For easier handling and installing the insulation of the PU foam is cutted at regular intervals.

The top casing is made of PVC with a thickness of 3 mm, comes with a zipper and in the color RAL 9006.

Individual coils in the storage tanks PSR and PSRR are made of stainless steel.