PYROSTAR boilers are modern hotwater boilers for pellets burning with high efficiency to satisfy the condition of EcoDesign and Class 5 of the EN 303.5, Austrian national deviation under Article 15a, German National deviation BlmSchV, Stufe 2 valid from 1.1.2017, Slovenian EKOSKLAD deviation, standards for Switzerland, Denmark and it is possible to use for their purchase the non-repayable financial contribution from government as such the The new Green Investment, Kotlíková subsidy, Green homes, etc.. Boilers are certified by the notified and accredited testing laboratory under the responsibility of the EU and registered in the German DIBt.


The boiler is supplied complete with the burner, the fuel tank, the fuel feeder and boiler controller. Buffer size is 370 lit, from which the pellets are feeded by the pellet auger directly to the burner. In accordance on requirement for heating and water temperature in the boiler and living space (based on communication with room thermostat) leads to burner modulating.


Modern technical design of the boiler body together with boiler control ensures complete combustion with high efficiency and low emission creating. 


Boiler can be controled also remotely over the Internet via additional modules.


The main characteristics of boilers PYROSTAR :


  • Ecological burning - boilers comply with class 5 of the EN 303-5 standard
  • high efficiency up to 93.9%
  • low emissions, low energy and fuel consumption
  • the possibility of left and right versions
  • easy cleaning of the boiler heat exchanger and burner
  • cleaning once a month
  • Automatic burner ignition
  • power modulation
  • compact size
  • attractive design



The boiler is supplied with the following probes:


- flue gas temperature sensor

- central heating temperature sensor

- sanitary warm water temperature sensor 

- flame sensor

- fuel tank sensor

- grate area sensor 


Boilers are manufactured in the following power range:








The boiler can be connected to the heating system with joints G 5/4 "and to the chimeny with the  Ø 160.


Boiler control :


Operation and regulation of the boiler is provided by a modern electronic controller TECH 717 zPID.



Description of the main functions of the boiler controller :


  • fan control
  • feeder control
  • central heating and hot water pumps control
  • the ability to connect two valves
  • the ability to connect GSM module for remote control of the boiler via phone
  • Ethernet connectivity module for remote control of the boiler via the Internet
  • connection of the room thermostat
  • weekly programming schedule
  • zPID control