According to the norm the gas heaters is a heater with closed chamber with the air supply from outside and was gases outlet thorough the wall by the koaxial chimney. The gas heaters is used for combustion of natural gas and propane butane. Rebuilding of the gas heaters from one gas to another gas will perform through change of the jet of the main burner, jet of the pilot burner, screw of minimal output. And changing of the pressure.


The gas heater consists of following main parts :


  • Gas unit consists of gas tubes, gas valve SIT 630, ignition burner (pilot) and the main burner WORGAS from stainless steel. The temperature probe of the gas valve control the gas flow – maximal and decreased output and thereby control the room temperature from 13 til 38°C. Setting of the desired temperature will realized by a multifunctional turning button. The emergency cut-off of the gas flow in case of a lost of the flame secure the thermoelectric fuse built in the ga valve.
  • Combustion chamber made from steel sheets protected souble by enamel
  • The body of air distribution made from zinc-coated steel sheets
  • The koaxial chimney consists of tube for air inlet made of zinc-coated steel sheets and tube for waste gas outlet made of stainless steel.
  • Cover made from steel sheets, coverd by powder colour. Easy removing of the cover allow easy cleaning and maintenance of the gas heater


Functinal scheme of the radiator (heater) :


1. heating body
2. burner
3. air inlet
4. waste qas outlet
5. wind protection





Usage :


Gas heaters PR 2, PR 4 a PR 5 are used for heating of family houses, flats, cottages ant others. without requiring electric power, chimney and central heating systém. The air inlet and waste gas outlet is through the outwall with the wall thinkness up to 60cm.