• By the chimney flap it is possible to set up manuel the optimal chimney blast. We recommend to set up the chimney blast on 0,15 mbar. The chimney flap can be set up with a handle on the chimney




  • Flap for primary air supply occurs on the ashtray door and is controlled automatically with the draugh regulator. According to the temperature of heating water in the boiler and manually seted tempearature the draught regulator specifies the quantity of primary air supplied into the heating chamber.




  • The security valve (version with the mark “2“ or “3“) with the fix setted maximum temperature (95°C) of heating water covers the boiler against overheating. The valve is mounted on the outgoing socket G 1/2“ from the secutiry exchanger





Installation of security valve :




  • The heating flap is contolled automatically by the feed door.