Boilers MODRATHERM ZEUS are used for wood burning with the maximum wood lenght of 550 mm. According to the type it is possible to burn wood with following lenght :

    type                   lenght
- ZEUS 25             40 cm
- ZEUS 30,35        55 cm


The boiler body is manufactured of a high-quality steel plate with the thikness of 5mm(plates which are in touch with fire and water) and 3mm(plates which are in touch only with water). A part of the water circly are also 2 water lamellas in the upper part of boiler body. The insulation cover is made from steel plate with the thikness of 0,8mm, covered with a pulver colour. The thermal insulation is built with with mineral cotton.
On the bottom of the feeding space are bricks from castiron and massive cast iron grates, where the ash falls down to the ashtray. The ashtray is in a separate part of the boiler. Modern technical solution of the boiler body and heating space insure perfect firing with high efficiency and low creation of ill substance in the emmisions.
In the boiler with the mark“2“ is integrated a cupper security exchanger against overheating.
In the boiler with the mark“3“ is integrated a cupper exchanger for heating of sanitary warm water.
The primary air into the boiler is supplied through the flap in the front of the boiler, with is controlled with draught regulator.
In the upper part of boiler body is a flap, which will automaticaly open by opening the upper door. This minimalizes smudging by fuel feeding.
In the boiler is integrated a cupper security exchanger against overheating. The boiler is equipped with exhaust fan, what minimalizes smudging by fuel feeding. 

Advantages of boilers MODRATHERM ZEUS :


  • firing of soft and hard wood
  • the lenght of the feeding place up to 55 cm
  • high efficiency – low wood consumption
  • integrated security exchanger against overheating (version „2“)
  • big feeding volume
  • solo aship part separate from burning space – cleaing also during firing
  • termostatic output regulátion 
  • warming of sanitary warm water (version „3“)
  • regulation of the chimney blast
  • selfforce operation