•  Elektronic regulation


Gasyfying boilers ZEUS PYRO are ecological heatings boilers controlled with modern electronic regulator with microprocessor, that verifies all requests on unassuming attendance and high comfort, as well as control of whole central heating systems and heating of sanitary warm water.
The secure boiler running is secured with 2 emergency thermostats and with integrated security heat exchanger against overheating.



The regulator is standart equipped with following funktions :


  • Temperature setting of boilers water and tank with sanitary warm water
  • Hysteresis settings of boilers water and tank with sanitary warm water
  • Temperature settings of pumps start-up
  • Heating control in daily schedule
  • Heating control with the cooperation with indoor thermostat
  • Automatic shutt off of exhaust fan by wood burn off 
  • Operating speed of exhaust fan regulable in 10 levels
  • Automatic combustion chamber ventilation if exhaust fan not in running
  • Summer mode (only heating of sanitary warm water in tank)
  • Priority of heating of sanitary warm water in tank
  • Permanent running of pump of central heating
  • Connection possibility of indoor thermostat
  • Manual starting of exhaust fan and pumps
  • Security thermostat
  • Termik – additional security thermostat
  • Acustic signalization by alarm and by probedamage
  • LED signalization of running of pumps and exhaust fan


  • The exhaust fan secure a responsible flue exhaust into the chimney a an constantly rate of burning air, which is neccesary for ekological burning with high efficiency. By low temperature it can comes to a damp condensation from the flues





  • Open for primary air supply occurs under the perforated panel between the feed door and ashtray door. The primary air supply is devided into 2 parts, upper and bottom. According to the output the upper and bottom air supply will be open. It is necessary periodicaly to contol the cleanness of the open for the air supply.




  • The secondary air is supplied directly into the heating chamber from the bottom rear part of the boiler through opens in the ceramic block.



  • The security valve with the fix setted maximum temperature (95°C) of heating water covers the boiler against overheating. The valve is mounted on the outgoing socket G 1/2“ from the secutiry exchanger



  • Connection of the security valve