Set for pellet burning by boiler PYROSTAR Duo includes :


  • fully automated pellet burner PV30a or PV50b
  • screw feeder 1500mm
  • pellet storage 300/ 700 lit



  • BURNER PV30a - fully automated pellet burner

The fully automated pellet burners PV30a are devised for heating small and medium-sized houses. An ordinary oil burner flange is used for fixing the pellet burner to the boiler door, which makes replacing the oil burner with the more modern and environment-friendly pellet burner fast and effortless.


Improvements over the previous models:


- Design: The burner takes up less space and the boiler door is easier to open due to the plugs moved to the sides of the burner.

- Keyboard: Navigating in menus and setting up parameters has been made considerably straightforward

- More precise burning air control: Fan’s rotational speeds are now modifiable

- Automatic flue gas fan control according to heating output

- Fuel amount control in relation to level sensor. Measuring the productivity of the external auger is now done automatically.

- Modified controller allows for an external boiler temperature sensor and a GSM modem, which sends notifications in case of running out of fuel or encountering other errors.




- A backup battery guarantees the completion of the burning cycle should the external power grid fail, elliminating the chance of back-burning.

- In case of burner blockage or no air draft the burner will turn itself of


Technical parameters :

capacity : 14 - 30kW (6 power levels)

ignition : electrical 500W

fuel : wooden pellets 6-8mm diam.

Standby power consumption : 3W

lenght : 570mm

width : 230mm

height : 240mm

weight : 12,5kg




Main components :          


1. Burning chamber

2. Feeder auger

3. Overheat temperature sensor

4. Mains transformer

5. User inerface buttons

6. User interface screen

7. Battery

8. Sockets

9. Feeder auger motor

10. Fan

11. Fuel level sensor

12. Mounting nut

13. Flame sensor

14. Igniter

15. Grate

16. Safety thermostat





BURNER PV50b - self cleaning pellet burner

PV 50b is the third generation release of the 50kW series. The pellet burner is fully compatible with oil and steam boilers, bakery ovens, driers and other similar systems which require effective and cost-effective heating solutions for demanding systems. Our self-cleaning system makes PV 50b virtually maintenance-free and also enables the use of lower quality pellets. Installation of PV 50b is simple since it uses an ordinary 90mm oil burner flange and standard oil burner plugs. The burner complies with all European standards with its excellent burn quality, high efficiency and multiple safety features.


Latest modifications:


- Separate primary and secondary air fans
- Automated ash removal
- Lower power consumption
- Built-in underpressure sensor
- Interchangeable burning chamber parts
- Backup battery


Technical parameters :

capacity : 20 - 50 kW (11 power levels)

ignition : electrical 500W

fuel : wooden pelelts 6-8mm diam.

Standby power consumption : 3W

Ash removal : automated

lenght : 560mm

width : 235mm

height : 285mm

weight : 17kg


The burner is shipped with following components included :

1. Grate (set of 2)

2. Burner

3. Brackets for hose 2pc

4. Fixating flange

5. Ceramic seal

6. 7-pole boiler connector

7. Hose

8. External auger fixating chain