Design and user benefits of the boilers PYROGAS



  • PYROGAS boilers are modern hotwater gasifications boilers burning wood and wood briquettes with high efficiency to satisfy the condition of EcoDesign, Class 5 of the EN 303.5, Austrian national deviation under Article 15a, German National deviation BlmSchV, Stufe 2 valid from 1.1.2017, Slovenian EKOSKLAD deviation, standards for Switzerland, Denmark and it is possible to use for their purchase the non-repayable financial contribution from government as such the The new Green Investment, Kotlíková subsidy, Green homes, etc.. Boilers are certified by the notified and accredited testing laboratory under the responsibility of the EU and registered in the German DIBt.

  • Fireproof combustion chamber LACFIRE 1800/20 SiC with the addition of silicon carbide due to its robustness and segment structure provides a high thermal inertia and thermal stability, long life and easy interchangeability of the most thermal exposed parts independently of the others, thus contributing to cost savings in the long-term maintenance. The resulting wood gas is burned completely in a firebeton chamber at temperature up to 1200 ° C with a direct efficiency of the 91%


  • The massive cast-iron grate surface is equipped with firebeton acumulations inserts LACFIRE providing standing-glow of the embers until its completely burn-out and subsequent falling down of the fine ash into a separate ashtray. This design allows to collect the ashes from the boiler during full operation.


  • Separate rear burning from the ash surface and turbulatorss (flue gases braking) significantly reduce the risk of ash swirling and its share in the flue gases, and the ashes fall into the separate ashtray and not to the combustion chamber.


  • The design of the primary nozzle with a protective cast iron insert ensures reliable burning process without the risk of clogging the nozzle even if of usage of wood briquettes with high extensibility