•  Electronic regulation




Gasyfying boilers PYROGAS are ecological heatings boilers controlled with modern electronic regulator with microprocessor AK 5000 with Lambda-control, that verifies all requests on unassuming attendance and high comfort, as well as control of whole central heating systems and heating of sanitary warm water.

Burning quality is controlled with controller AK5000 together with Lambda probe Bosch LSU 4.9 and servomotor Belimo CM24.
The secure boiler running is secured with 2 emergency thermostats and with integrated security heat exchanger against overheating.

Front view of the electronic regulation - Control panel  :



1. graphic display 128 x 64 pixels with LED lights
2. button ▲-shifting of the measured parameters, functions or increasig of the setted values
3. button ◄- shutoff of the exhaust fan or moving of the selection to the left
4. button ► - return (ESC ) or moving of the selection to the right
5. button – shifting of the measured parameters, functions or decreasing of the setted values
6. button ENTER

  • short pressing

    - Swith on the boiler, display of the circular control and censequently switch off of the boiler or fuel adding(fan on 100%)
    - Ending of fuel adding - if it was in the state of fuel adding
    - Moving to the setted level of the menu, option confirmation or values saving

  • long ( 2 seconds ) pressing – moving to the users settings of the boiler controller

7. duoLED – overall stand OK ( green ) / Error ( red )



  • The exhaust fan EBM-PAPST secure a responsible flue exhaust into the chimney a an constantly rate of burning air, which is neccesary for ekological burning with high efficiency. By low temperature it can comes to a damp condensation from the flues





  • Open for primary air supply occurs on the left bottom side of the boiler on the front side of the boiler. The primary air enters the loading area through wholes of the bricks from concrete firebeton on the sides of the boilers ant enters the jet through the glow. 





  • The secondary air is supplied directly into the heating chamber to the jet of the combustion chamber. Secondary air enters the boiler through a flap on the left bottom side on the front side of the boiler and after that through channels in the firebeton combustion chamber.




  • The security valve with the fix setted maximum temperature (95°C) of heating water covers the boiler against overheating. The valve is mounted on the outgoing socket G 1/2“ from the secutiry exchanger




  • Connection of the security valve