Both fuels by gasification boilers manually operated are economically advantageous and with a modern boiler very environmentally friendly.




The most common and most accurate utilized amount of units of sold firewood is:

  • cubic meter straightened, acronym prmr
  • cubic meter bulk, acronym  prms


Best and most affordable firewood on the market is a hard wood - beech, oak.


Fresh wood during his storage will lose up to 40% of its weight until it is suitable for heating.


weight of the wood prmr prms caloric value
fresh wood - humidity 55-60% 720 - 750 kg 500 - 550 kg  8 - 9 MJ/kg
dry wood  - humidity 15-20% 430 - 450 kg 300 - 330 kg 15 - 16 MJ/kg


In the shops with fuel is widely available mostly only fresh wood that have recently been growing trees.


Price of  1 prmr of a non-splitted wood with a lenght of 1m is about 35 - 40 Eur.

Price of 1 prmr of splitted wood with a lenght of 33-50 cm is about  65 - 70 eur.


Taking into account the above factors the price of one kilogram of wood usable for heating is 0.15 Eur.


Advantages of the wood :

  • the lowest price of  all types of fuels 
  • storage stability outside the interior


Disadvantages of the wood :

  • the need to store the fresh wood 2 years until is uasble for heating 
  • elaborateness handling





Wood briquettes are pressed sawdust, wood shavings or chips into a cylinder respectively. bricks and sold most often in 10 kg bags in plastic film.


Price of 1 kg of wood briquettes, depending on the type of briquettes is 0.14 to 0.20 euro / kg.


Calorific value of wood briquettes is 17-18 MJ / kg


Advantages of wood briquettes :

  • cleanness and easy handling
  • sold in dry stand suitable for immediate heating 
  • longer burning time in comparation to wood by about 1/3

Disadvantages of wood briquettes:

  • during the storage may not to moisten - leak in, soak
  • several kinds of cheaper wood briquettes increase during combustion its volume, which may negative affect the combustion process - create a vault in fireplace etc., recommendation- not to fullfill  the loading space with such briquettes


Common advantages of wood and wood briquettes :


  • belong to environmental and renewable energy sources
  • they burn in modern boilers in low-emissions mode and in this case they are also included in support and subsidy programs for households by its purchase or purchase of whole heating system
  • from all types of fuel they are the most economically profitable fuel 

Gasyfication boilers PYROGAS are certified for wood as well as for wood briquettes, are according EN 303-5 in class 5 and comply with the Ecodesign requirements for subsidy programs. 


Prices of the fuels may be different in the several regions or countries, in principle these fuels are the most economically profitable fuels.